Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Target Treasures!

First of all, if you visited the Vistaprint post from Monday and couldn't see the pictures, I've fixed the problem. Click here to check it out again! I don't know what the problem was. I could see the pictures, but I had several others comment that they couldn't. I wound up just taking my own photos. Sorry about the confusion!

I popped in to Target for "a few minutes" (yeah, right!) today, and walked out with some new goodies for my classroom (and a few new items for my fall teacher wardrobe, but I'm saving those for another post). I know many of us have said it, but I'll say it again--I L.O.V.E. the Target Dollar Spot all the time...but especially at back to school time! Here's what I walked away with today:

1}Math games--Time Bingo and Math Bingo. I teach 4th grade, but lots of students at this age are still struggling with analog clocks and hammering out those math facts. Here's hoping this will help!
2} Presidential puzzles--I'm implementing something called Mastery Club this year in my class (click on the link for the full description). One of the questions asks students to be able to name all of the Presidents. This puzzle doesn't appear to include names, but I'm hoping that maybe it'll be a visual aid for those who (like me!) can remember things when prompted by a picture! (The math portion also asks that they be able to do math facts {by operation} in 4 minutes, so I'm hoping that Bingo games will help with this as well).
3}Pom-poms--We are bucket fillers and this is what we'll use to do it! I love how they match the colors of my buckets exactly. I'll be sure to post those when I do my classroom tour.
4} Dice--the possibilities are endless! Adding, multiplying, probability, homeworkopoly...perhaps I should have bought more!
5} Hall passes--pretty self-explanatory. My student's agendas actually have a section where I can log how often they leave the classroom and for what reason. Pretty helpful for those kiddos who tend to leave a little too often!
6} Notepads--because teachers can never have too many. They also make great gifts.
7} Star student stickers--for their star student posters that classmates will sign--and compliment stickers for excellent classwork and test papers.
8} Dry erase markers--Did you know that Styrofoam plates will work as dry erase boards? And for those of us who are environmentally conscious--they are reusable! I keep a stack on hand for whole-group response activities, and I'll add these markers to my collection for student use.
So that's my Target awesomeness for today! I'm loving all these posts filled with Target finds...keep 'em coming!


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